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Recent Podcasts are online [19 Apr 2008|06:00pm]
This is actually Hodgeheg masquerading as an overflowing cup of a nameless beverage.

It's finally Spring!

The podcast of the March 28 show is now online at

You can find the podcast of the April 4 show (with special guest Sunshine!) at


and you can always find all the podcasts at http://communications.uml.edu/connections/?cat=23

Podcasts of the April 11 and 18 shows are also now online
See if you can decide who the special guests on the April 18 show really are!

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LOCKED OUT! [21 Mar 2008|08:28pm]

Well folks, there will be no Coffee and Cartoons tonight, as you've probably figured out by now since the show was supposed to air about 1/2 hour ago.

Turns out the key to the station no longer works, and now I need an access card to get in.  Obtaining one will be a bit of a hardship, since I work over an hour away from the university during the school week, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

As for this week, my apologies... it's just as well, considering that I'm sick and all.  Catch you next week!

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Concert Report! March 22nd - March 29th [21 Mar 2008|03:13pm]
[ mood | sick ]

So the good news is that I'm going back on the air tonight, and that the concert report is already available (see below):

The bad news is, I'm just starting to get over the flu.  It started to let up today.  I have to go super-easy on myself so I don't get worse.  With that in mind, I'm probably going to hold off on airing any interviews until next week (since I couldn't promote them properly beforehand, having been sick), AND the birthday show will be next week too!

Check out the concert report!

Coffee and Cartoons Concert Report

Saturday, March 22nd

Antje Duvekot, 8PM, Tupelo Music Hall, NH

Max Creek, 9PM, The Stone Church, NH

School of Rock, 4:30PM, Club Passim, MA

Angelique Kidjo, 8PM, Somerville Theater, MA

Sunday, March 23rd, is Easter... a quiet day on the music scene!

Monday, March 24th

Jake Armerding, 8PM, Club Passim

Folk Open Mic, Featuring Tom Smith, 8PM, The Center for the Arts in Natick

Tuesday, March 25th

Caribou, 7PM, Iron Horse

Open Mic, 7PM, Club Passim

Bluegrass Barn Burner, 8PM to midnight, show up before 8PM and get in free! The Stone Church

Wednesday, March 26th

Glen Phillips, 10PM, Club Passim

Thursday, March 27th

Glen Phillips, 8PM, Tupelo Music Hall

Apollo Sunshine, 10PM, Iron Horse

Friday, March 28th

They Might Be Giants, 7:30PM, Somerville Theater

Edwin McCain, 7PM, Iron Horse

Joan Baez, Sanders Theater, Harvard University (no online tix available, must call Harvard Box Office)

Pressure Cooker, 9:30PM Johnny D's, Somerville MA

Chris Smither, 8PM Tupelo Music Hall

Saturday, March 29th

Entrain, 9:30PM, Johnny D's Somerville MA

They Might Be Giants, 8PM, The Music Hall Portsmouth, NH (kids show at 2PM sold out, 8PM is an "intimately yours" show!)

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Great Googlie Mooglies!! Back on the air, 3-21 [14 Mar 2008|08:30am]
[ mood | happy ]

Greetings folks and folkies!

It's almost spring, so it's nearly time for Coffee and Cartoons to come out of hibernation.  Truth be told, it's actually College Hockey Season that we've been waiting out, not Winter. =)  Either way, Coffee and Cartoons returns to the airwaves, hopefully unfettered, on March 21st.  Set your calendars, and mark your watches!  Or something like that.

Just in case you're curious, it's been a great little vaca for me.  I've missed being on the air, but having Friday nights free gave me the opportunity to do a few neat things:
1. Check out some fantastic live music.
2. Work late to get promoted (hopefully) at my current job.
3. Sleep.
4. Date (yes, really!)
5. Go to MarsCon...

... yeah, I went there!  I got chased by a Dalek, and did not get ex-ter-min-ate-d.  I jammed on a darbuka with a strap made of huge paperclips.  I played with a ball of Pooh in the pool with the Great Luke Ski.  And best of all, I saw comedy music acts that were so funny that I fell of my chair at the Main Stage From laughing so hard.  I should post some pictures or something!

 And not only were many of the musicians super generous about sending music back for me to check into the studio, many of them made time for interviews!  I plan to kick off Coffee and Cartoons return with my interview with Chris Mezzolesta from Power Salad, and then there will be interviews in the weeks to follow with acts such as DJ Particle, Hot Waffles, and Luke Ski.  Yippie!  (What, did you expect me to go to MarsCon and just hang out? =P )

Anyway, I owe a few of you some emails, but I just wanted to say a quick hello to let you know that I've been thinking of you, the Coffee and Cartoons listeners, during my hiatus.  =)  Catch you soon!

By the way, I've made a few executive decisions:
1. I'm going to ax the weekly love song feature, unless I'm faced with strong objection.  I just don't feel like it's fitting in with the rest of the programming.  But if you still need a little love with no strings attached, I'll change my mind.

2. I'm going more in the comedy direction with my programming.  There's lots of local folk programming in Eastern Massachusetts and on the web... there are several folk shows on WUML alone.  There's little to no comedy programming, however, especially since Dr. Demento isn't heard locally anymore.  So as much as I love folk, I'm going to focus on the comedy stuff going forward.  There will always be room for my folkies though, especially for live stuff.  I don't want Coffee and Cartoons to lose the coffee house feel

3. I'm releasing an album before I turn 30.  This means I probably won't have much time to make a website for Coffee and Cartoons, or to do a podcast independent of WUML's Coffee and Cartoons.

So, what have all of you been upto?  Feel free to drop a line as always!

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A Christmas Eve Coffee and Cartoons extravaganza! [24 Dec 2007|05:07pm]

 Greetings folks,

Tune into 2 hours of Christmas zanyness TONIGHT on 91.5FM, WUML Lowell (listen to it streaming online at wuml.org)... I'll be filling in as host of the Sunken Kitchen show, and will be the source of irreverant holiday smiles on faces everywhere from 6PM to 8PM eastern.  Call in your requests at 978-934-4969, or IM them to WUMLradio.

Merry Chistmas!!
Kristen, aka Kornflake

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Not Quite Coffee and Cartoons, but... [08 Dec 2007|11:04am]

Greetings all,

'Tis the season... the HOCKEY season, that is.  Go Riverhawks!

But there isn't a whole lot of airtime for Coffee and Cartoons around this time of year.  So 'toon in today for Almost Acoustic!!!

Today I will be a fill-in host for a program on WUML (where I host Coffee and Cartoons) from 12pm to 3pm Eastern. It's a bluegrass and folk show called Almost Acoustic, and it's on 91.5FM WUML for those of you who reside in or near the Merrimack Valley in New England.

For those beyond, it's online:



Oh, and as a special advanced heads-up for all of you, there will be Coffee and Cartoons for your Christmas Eve enjoyment from 6pm to 8pm on December 24th.  Get your holiday requests in early, it's gonna be crazy go nuts! 

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I've forgotten to post here!!! [01 Nov 2007|11:26pm]
Hi all,

I apologize I haven't updated this page in quite some time.  Coffee and Cartoons is indeed very much alive, even with hockey season in full swing.  It happens that tomorrow night there is no hockey game scheduled.  YAY!!!  I've been planning a couple of hours of entertainment for your Friday night that will hopefully make up at least a little bit for my neglect since my summer hiatus.

Truth be told, I should just give Hodgeheg the password to this page, because he updates here more often than I do!  ; )  

He gets heaps of thanks, goatloads of gratitude, and thensome, for making PODCASTS OF THE SHOW!!!  Yay!

Here is the podcast of the September 21st show:  http://communications.uml.edu/connections/?p=570
Here is the podcast of the October 12th show: (http://communications.uml.edu/connections/?p=593). 
Here is me getting ready for bed, hoping you'll tune in to the show tomorrow night to hear all kinds of tunes -- tricks and treats alike!  Catch you tomorrow night!

Oh, and I've already lined up and road-tested the perfect bad joke for the program. =)
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a special guest! [04 May 2007|06:43am]
Tonight, on the Coffee and Cartoons show, our special guest will be none other than the Sunshine herself!

Sure, the show is on at night.  But this is underground radio!  If we want the Sunshine on the show on a Friday night, trust me, we can make it happen.

Don't miss it, and don't be missed! =)
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Updated Concert Report, end of March, April [23 Mar 2007|08:39pm]

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[16 Mar 2007|02:46pm]
I apologize for the sparse updates these days.

Just a quick note... Coffee and Cartoons will not air as scheduled tonight. The roads are bad, and my best friend needs help packing a moving truck. =/

Next week, be ready!
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setlist 2/23 [23 Feb 2007|11:21pm]
7:31PMSponge Awareness FoundationCoffee and CartoonsCoffee and Cartoons ECL Music URL theme song
7:32PMAlfAlf, the CartoonsAlf, the Cartoons   
7:35PMThe Ditty BopsBye Bye LoveMoon over the freeway2006 Warner Bros 
7:36PMDr. SETIComputer ChantyTechnobabble   
7:36PMThrowing ToastersDebbieBurnt Throwing Toasters URL  
7:40PMNorth ForkEinstein The GeniusOasis Acoustic Volume 43   
7:44PMDrew NelsonFragileFragile  Ralston Bowles cover
7:44PMGummi BearsGummi Bears Theme SongGummi Bears Theme Song   
7:46PMLiam LynchHere I Here I AmHow To Be a Satellite  one of the creators of sifl & olly
7:47PMMoxy FruvousI Will Hold OnThornhill   
7:50PMKidd VidKidd Vid Theme SongKidd Vid Theme Song   
7:51PMThe BillsLet 'em RunLet 'em Run   
8:40PMOokla the MokMy Secret OriginSuper Secret   
8:42PMArrogant WormsJesus' Brother BobGift Wrapped  request for J!
8:43PMTommy Sharp and The Sharptones(They Don't Make) Nun Names(They Don't Make) Nun Names   
8:53PMCommon RotationOklahoma28 Orange Street   
8:55PMThe Cat EmpireProtons, Neutrons, ElectronsTwo Shoes   
9:04PMEddie from OhioQuickThree Rooms, Vol 12003 Virginia Soul URL  
9:05PMRainbow BriteRainbow Brite theme songRainbow Brite theme song   
9:08PMCurrent SwellShort StoriesSo I Say   
9:09PMThundercatsThundercats Theme SongThundercats Theme Song   
9:14PMDan HartUnderstanding BluesApocalypse Now and Then   
9:14PMVoltronVoltron Theme SongVoltron Theme Song   
9:19PMChristine LavinWindchimesI Was In Love With a Difficult Man   
9:20PMX-menX-men theme song 1994X-men theme song 1994   
9:24PMWeird Al YankovicYodaGreatest Hits Volume 2   
9:46PMSponge Awareness FoundationZamfir's Evil twinCoffee and Cartoons ECL Music URL  
9:53PMThe Swedish ChefThe Swedish Chef Makes a Banana SplitThe Swedish Chef Makes a Banana Split   
9:54PMThe Radio Adventures of Dr. FloydOne Order of the Flu to Go PleaseThe Complete Season 4   
10:00PMJohn InmanAre You Being Served Sir?Are You Being Served Sir?

In addition to this list, Jim G checked in to say that he recorded this show, and a podcast will be available.  Enjoy!
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No hockey game tonight! [23 Feb 2007|05:06pm]
And it looks like there are not going to be very many UMass Lowell Hockey games coming up in the future...
I'm looking forward to dishing up some Coffee and Cartoons!
The show will be on tonight at 8PM eastern... listen online at wuml.org if you'd like!
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Coffee and Cartoons TODAY [12 Jan 2007|11:11am]
Coffee and Cartoons returns to the airwaves from 2PM to 4PM eastern today, with special guest THE GREAT LUKE SKI! Tune into 91.5 FM WUML locally, or http://www.wuml.org/webcast.php on the web. Be sure to tune in... your eardrums will thank you for it!
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Setlist 11/24 [24 Nov 2006|10:23pm]
The Phenomenauts -- Earth is the Best
Melvern Taylor -- Tiny Bubbles
Raffi -- Yellow Submarine
Mr. Grant -- A Trip to Grandma's
Lemon Demon -- I've Got Some Falling to Do
The Bills -- Nowhere To Be and All Day to Get There
Sponge Awareness Foundation -- Coffee and Cartoons
The Ditty Bops -- Fish To Fry
Sponge Awareness Foundation -- Almost Bored Enough
Carla Ulbrich -- If I Had the Copyright
Carla Ulbrich -- If I Did It
The Brilliant Inventions -- Could've Been You
Kenny White -- In My Recurring Dream
They Might Be Giants -- Alphabet of Nations
Trout Fishing in America -- 18 Wheels on a Big Rig
Mr. Grant -- Bedtime Punk
Raffi -- What A Wonderful World
Weird Al Yankovic -- Frank's 2000 Inch TV
Davinci's Notebook -- Mickey Mouse March
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After the Riverhawks (on WUML Lowell) [24 Nov 2006|07:07pm]
Hi everyone! I'm here in the WUML studio waiting out the hockey game. If it doesn't go into overtime, I'll be on the air around 9:30pm eastern for Coffee and Cartoons! Make requests early, since the show will be VERY short because of the game.
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Setlist 11/17 [24 Nov 2006|06:52pm]
Sponge Awareness Foundation -- Coffee and Cartoons
Peter James -- Stay ***WEEKLY LOVE SONG*** (and new)
Dr. Steve and Fidgert -- Pass The Stuffing ***NEW***
The Brilliant Inventions -- You're Not Her
Eddie from Ohio -- Horse
The Toy Dolls -- Nellie the Elephant
Dr. SETI -- If, Then, Do Loop
Dan Hart -- Tailfins
Jim's Big Ego -- She's Dead
Amy Rigby -- Needy Men
Trout Fishing in America -- All I Want is a Proper Cup of Coffee
Bugs Bunny -- Square Dance Song
Davinci's Notebook -- Mickey Mouse March
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After the hockey game wrap-up... [17 Nov 2006|09:15pm]
Tune in for Coffee and Cartoons, from about 9:30pm (maybe a little earlier)to ~10:00pm on 91.5 FM, WUML! The website is wuml.org, click on the listening link!
If you missed "Pass the Stuffing" last week, this is your chance to hear it! =)
Thanks again to Dr. Steve, Fidgert, and Grant Baciocco for letting WUML world premiere this funny and fine tune!
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Setlist 11/3 [10 Nov 2006|09:26pm]
Sponge Awareness Foundation -- Coffee and Cartoons
Davinci's Notebook -- Fish Sticks
Melvern Taylor -- Angel on my Shoulder
Dan Hart -- Tofu Cowboy
Carla Ulbrich -- Happy to be Stuck by You
Dr. Floyd -- Episode #405 "Knock Your Socks Off"
Paul Burch -- When I'm in Love ***weekly love song***
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Setlist 11/10 [10 Nov 2006|09:03pm]
This was a special week! Coffee and Cartoons WORLD PREMIERED "Pass the Stuffing", the new Dr. Steve and Fidgert song! If you missed it, hear it again November 17th after 9:30pm eastern on Coffee and Cartoons on 91.5 FM, WUML!

Artist -- Song
Wayne Hancock Tulsa
Weird Al Yankovic Candian Idiot
Dr. Steve and Fidgert Pass The Stuffing ***WORLD PREMIERE***
Pat Wictor I Will Walk with You ***WEEKLY LOVE SONG***
Davinci's Notebook Mickey Mouse March
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Tis the Season to PASS THE STUFFING! [09 Nov 2006|05:04pm]
This Friday on Coffee and Cartoons, tune in to hear the WORLD PREMIERE of the brand new Dr. Steve and Fidgert duet: "Pass the Stuffing"! It will air sometime after 9:30pm, and sometime before 10:00pm (eastern), as long as we all keep our fingers crossed that the UML hockey game doesn't go into overtime. ;)
If said hockey game DOES go into overtime, we'll air "Pass the Stuffing" next week. =)
The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd can be heard every week on Coffee and Cartoons. Find out more about it at http://www.doctorfloyd.com/!
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